Monday, February 15, 2010

That's Not a Book!

I do, in fact, make things other than books. And I found a contest to design steampunk fabric and got a little obsessed. Moderation is not something I do well, I'm either extremely passionate or don't bother. And this piqued by interest, especially since I'd been thinking about a design of this type to embroider anyway, I had a great idea, and then of course got very ambitious.

It's complicated to do a repeating pattern that intersects at so many points and needs to be an interesting design when repeated. It took hours just to figure that out, and many many more to make all the little circle designs in this.

The design is based on Romanesque swirls, damask patterns, paisley, and of course, some steampunk Victorian stuff thrown in. All the little circles were where I decided to add the industrial feel. I wanted them to look sort of gear-like, but not be gears. I don't like how most steampunk stuff is just a bunch of useless gears stuck on top of things that don't actually have moving parts. And as a disclaimer I should say that I love gears. I freaking love gears and watches, I adore skeleton watches or open case-back watches where you can see the movement working, because then there's an actual point to them. I mean my to-do list when I win the lottery is basically my watch wishlist (and I work in a swanky jewellery store so I know my watches), Habs season tickets, and a loft in Vancouver. Probably in that order. But let's keep the gears where they belong and try to move beyond something quite so clich├ęd, eh?

Anyway, I'm sure the voting will start soon enough, so check it out on the spoonflower blog.


  1. Wow. Now that's some fabric I'd buy. It may not be a book, but it would make a nice bookcloth.

    I totally agree with you about gears, too. Love them, but wish people wouldn't stick them on for no reason (and I cringe to think how many salvageable watches have been eviscerated).

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed coming up with gear alternatives this project.

  3. I agree with Niko - that fabric would make an amazing bookcloth! You should see if you could use it for your own books - amazing stuff.. "Book by Jennifer, bookcloth designed by Jennifer"! Wow!