Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Combat Arms - WWI Veteran's Graves

While I was exploring Winnipeg one one the things I found was a great old cemetery, which, thanks to the flood, was mostly under a fair bit of water. I took a photos of anything and everything that caught my eye, including several rows of graves of WWI vets. This was especially interesting to me because I'm in the Canadian Forces now, so I will likely do more projects based around these photos. These are my favourites and I've got many many more.

I like that the reflections actually have more detail in them than the graves themselves.

I discovered I really liked the ripples and their effect on the reflections, so I started stamping my feet in the water to get more of them. I was soaked! Next time I go exploring in Winnipeg I'm bringing galoshes.

There were three graves in a row marked Sapper - Gunner - Private (Combat engineer, Artillery, and Infantry trades) and I kept trying to get a photo where the inscriptions were legible so that the different trades where all in the same photo, but I couldn't get it to work.

I don't generally go in for symbolism, but I thought all the red that came out in this one was very appropriate.


  1. I showed this to my mom and said you don't really 'do photography', she said it shows. ;) ** note the dripping sarcasm in both of our voices.

  2. Fab photos, Jennifer! Sounds like a very interesting day - but next time, you really should take your galoshes!