Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sketchbook Project - Abstraction

I finally finished this page for my Sketchbook Project. I wanted to do a little experimenting with different textures while staying within my 'grey side of life' theme. I soon remembered why I don't generally do abstractions - I'm bored within minutes. They're just not my thing. But that's ok, I need to get out of my comfort zone once in a while! I added some letters, the diagrams for sans serif capitals, so that it would match the other drawings, and then in some of them I even put some writing, which was kind of hard to get in the odd shaped lines because I wanted it to look like a pattern, so it had to disappear on the edges.

I got the idea when I went to Nuit Blanche on the weekend and one of the galleries had drawings with Arabic calligraphy done in different shapes. They had obviously been masked out, then the calligraphy filled them in so that they were in perfect circles and the writing just seemed to carry on after the shape. It looked amazing, and I'll probably do something more formal that features that idea later.

I added a bit of watercolour as well, again to match the first couple of pages. Then I went back to the last one and added some watercolour and handwriting to it, in order to keep everything consistent. I think I'll use the sketchbook to see how many different images and styles I can come up with that still tie together this way. I don't have any real direction, except that I want it to all be grey, so at least I have some sort of idea where I'm going with this.

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