Monday, March 19, 2012

The Sketchbook Project - The End

So. I finally made it to the end of the last page in my sketchbook. I didn't have any fabulous brainstorms for the final page, so I simply wrote 'The End' in the same style as the title page, to form a nice bookend (no pun intended).

So from there it needed a proper cover. I kept with the grey, of course, since that's the theme (or, mostly grey anyway) and did a quick watercolour wash. When it was dry I went over it in pen, simply following some of the more obvious lines between different shades and brushmarks. I've used this little method tonnes of times and it always turns out really neat. Here's the cover:

This it what it looks like rebound and finished:

And finally, do you remember when I said I found this boring, but had something up my sleeve? Well, this was the moment of truth to test my theory. First, I added a bit more colour throughout the pages, though, just to punch things up a bit. The real trick, though, was taking all the pages apart and rearranging them, so that all the pages had new partners. Turned out kind of neat, and definitely helped the interest factor. Here's what the new arrangement looked like:

And now it's all sent off, catalogued, and ready for people to check out. The tour starts next month, and unfortunately won't be coming anywhere near Winnipeg, but it'll be all over the States, a couple places in Canada (in the cool cities, not mine) and internationally. Check out the Art House Sketchbook Project's website for the dates.

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