Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Honeycomb Fabrics

It has been a really really long time since I've been able to do anything creative (I moved and bought an old house that needs a lot of work, and I don't want to flood this blog with photos. Yet), but a few months ago I was in Winnipeg on course, and so I had spare time in the evenings to work on a few designs. I drove the person sitting beside me a little crazy doodling honey combs all week. The results are really nice, though!

I set myself the challenge of using a honeycomb pattern and the Pantone 2014 colours, and here is the result:

But all the doodling (and just the way I happened to make the pattern in Photoshop, which lent itself to some playing around) also led to this pattern, which uses one of the colours from the first design, Dazzling Blue.

Today they finally arrived, and here are the test swatches. They look terrific, especially the small honeycomb pattern. Well, and the blue is really rich and lovely as well. I'm very happy with them! These are on cotton-silk, and the fabric is really nice. I'm going to experiment with making them into book-cloth someday.

Both patterns are available at Spoonflower:

Honeycomb Pantone Rainbow

Honeycomb in Dazzling Blue

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