Monday, December 14, 2009

Custom Books

I love making custom books! I like making custom anything, really. It's very cool to take someone else's idea and bring it to life.

This book features a linocute on the front of some gears. I don't usually put gears on things, even though I love stemapunk, because they just seem a bit silly on something that doesn't require anything machanical to fuction. However this turned out so so well that I'm really rethinking that whole idea. Seriously, it looks pretty freaking awesome, and I can always do it in different colours, or layer a few prints on top of each other, or anything else really, to get lots of different looks. I really like how it printed on the antiqued watercolour paper. The rough surface didn't make for a smooth impression, but I like it better that way. Works better with the overall look of an 'aged' book, which was why I choose to do a lino in the first place, they just always seem a bit older period. Well, they are, it's been a long time since printed things by hand was current. But it's just so much nicer. And while I'm at it, I want a letterpress for Christmas. Then I could make some awesome books!

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