Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Experiment

So this is an idea I've had in my head for some time now. That is, using fancy paper for the front cover, and wrapping the leather all the way around the back. So here's the first try at it. I'm not at all sure how the end it and so the leather slants when it covers the pages, but I think that's ok. I got the idea for the closure from some great journals at the favourite local shop, The Paper Umbrella. If you're ever in Regina (God forbid), stroll down 13th Ave - stop at 13th Ave Coffee Shop for a rice bowl first - and enjoy the shops. I never ever leave that store without adding a bit to my paper collection.

Isn't this paper great? I got it from another Etsy seller (seriously, adding marbling papers to my growing list of hobbies is just going one step too far. You should see the looks I get when I tell people I make books for fun. As a break from oil painting. While watching Supernatural obsessively... not that that has anything to do with anything, I just like watching Jensen Ackles. He's cute for a blond.). Her name is Rhonda of My Marbled Papers, and she also makes books, and is how ended up joining the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (BEST).


  1. Lovin your books! How on earth do you manage to concentrate on anything while watching Supernatural though! Way great eye candy, LOL!

  2. Your books are lovely, thanks for sharing your work! I'm from Regina as well, and I LOVE the Paper Umbrella. I had to laugh at your comment, as I'm originally from Saskatoon and have not found Regina easy to get used to. :)

  3. Come to think of it, Supernatural is probably the reason it takes me so long to get anything done. But, again, I live in Regina and deserve a little bit of escapism.