Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Art Deco Sunburst (a day at work well spent)

I work in a swanky jewellery store. Not many people come in because everything is very expensive. I spend most of my time waiting around for people to come in (no really) and checking my email. Please God, somebody send me something! So I brought my paper and paper cement (best invention ever. I'll never go back to glue. Ever) and sat around all afternoon making the cover for this book. I finished it off when I got home. A couple of Doctor Whos later I had added the leather and all the different papers jumped right off the page!

I have a pack of bits of Japanese paper I got from Paper Umbrella (of course) and this, I think, is just the perfect way to show it all off. I used a whole bunch of scraps for this one. I don't know why, I've got enough stuff to make 100 books without doing the same thing twice, and here I am getting every last bit of scrap paper gathered up and made into something useful. It's the Mennonite in me.

I love Art Deco design. And I mean actually Art Deco, not the Art Nouveau stuff that's always labelled that way (I love Art Nouveau too - and the Arts and Crafts movement for that matter - but I intensely dislike people smushing it all together under the same labels. Ones curvy and one's straight, seriously). So that's where the sunburst design came from. I've been watching the BBC's Art Deco Icons series and really loving it (someday I'm going to take a trip on the Orient Express, wow!) so I imagine there will be more of these sort of designs coming up in the future.

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  1. Saw this before, thought it was lovely! It's a clever idea and I'd love a book like this.