Sunday, January 31, 2010

Artist Portfolio

These photos are of a custom piece that turned out very very well. It's a sort of monotone (silk, leather and brads are all in a very rich chocolate brown) steampunk book with a few extra features. The back page has leather loops that fit most small to medium size pencils/brushes, and there extra pockets and the front, and one at the back that fits more full size pages.

This has got me to thinking about my own portfolio, lost somewhere in planning stages. I'm not actually a bookbinder by trade or training, my BA is in visual arts, and more specifically oil painting. I've been wanting to make myself some sort of book that's really an easy to carry around portfolio. Oils are a bit of a pain in the ass to travel with so it would be watercolour and pen. It's going have a section for displaying the finished paintings, a large pocket to hold the new pages, a board with elastics or somesuch to act as an easel while I'm painting, and room for brushes and my mini travel paint set. And it's going to happen... sometime... soon.


  1. That's a fab artist journal/portfolio! I should think the recipient was thrilled to bits! I like the scrolled leather on the quarter-binding and the loops for pencils and brushes.
    I had a commission piece to make, just before Christmas. A lady wanted a diary/planner. I made a soft-cover case-bound diary and a wrap-round hard-cover folder for it to go in, with a slip-in pocket. There were pockets for her receipts and stamps, a notebook (in a slip-in pocket so it could be replaced) and a window for a photo of her daughter). The covers were all dark blue, with silver stars. She's very pleased with it... whew!
    It would be so interesting to see your own portfolio when you have finished it...

  2. This looks lovely. Your personal portfolio sounds like a dream... someday I will have to commission you to make one like it for me too. (if you're open to duplicating it, that is.)

  3. I'm thinking about making portfolios as as sort of a spin-off or extension of books. I have an idea to try before I start making large ones... soon! stay tuned.