Friday, July 16, 2010

You've Got a Fast Car

This book was a special request by the person who owns the gift shop in the Hotel Sask. He loves Tracey Chapman's "You've Got a Fast Car" so that's what the calligraphy is. Other than that he didn't say what he wanted, so I just went with it. The song is kind of dark, hence the black. He seemed to like the books that had suede lace to tie them, so that's what I used.

I had just enough black to cover the inside, then I tore it wrong! But in the end I like the extra colour of the tan, it was getting a bit depressing.


  1. That's a pretty nice journal, Jennifer. I'm interested by your end papers, as they are only on the cover of the book, which is unusual.
    It does look great though - love the calligraphy. I'm sure the customer will be delighted!

  2. You know, I'd forgotten that I'm the only one who does that with the end papers. I have no idea when and why I started doing that. I guess now it's just habit.