Monday, August 9, 2010

My Weekender Bag - pockets

Here are the front pockets. They're just plain canvas, then I fused the lining on and sewed what I could get to. It's really not terribly neat, but you can't tell from the front, so it'll do. I don't have enough printed fabric to line everything, so this has plain because it won't really be seen.

The back panel is finished except for the adding the straps. The near side is lined with plain fabric and the print is on the opposite side, so you see it when the zipper is open:


  1. I'm just catching up after a couple of weeks travelling... I read all the "Weekend Bag" posts and I'm veeeery impressed so far! You might be able to start bag-making as a sideline to your books. How about a Bag/Book project next? A book that is a bag / a bag that is really a book? (hee hee!)
    I will be back - I want to see the finished article!

  2. Let's just see if this holds together first! I'm afraid I don't sew very well or neatly, so this could turn out very badly.