Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Weekender Bag - what was I thinking?

I've always wanted a really awesome weekender bag, and with a trip coming up this month I started looking around for one. The ones I was drawn to all said they were hand-stitched, which of course led me to the fateful declaration that "I could do that!" Plus, it would be cheaper and I could make it a little bigger (very close to max carry-on restrictions) and with more pockets. Oh dear.

I was going to do something Steampunk and put some rich, Victorian, feminine fabric on the inside. But then I found this and I really fell for it. I got it from Etsy seller Green Olive Textiles.

Instead of doing various shades of brown for the leather portions of the bag I found these old jackets at the VV Boutique, so I'll keep with the fabric colours. I think the red was a lucky find, it almost perfectly matches the fabric. I'm not sure what the final product will look like now, because the feel will be totally different, but I guess we'll see! I'm off to find some zippers and clasps and such.

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  1. are amazing! tackling such projects on a whim! i can't wait to see the finished product!!!