Thursday, September 23, 2010

Business Cards / Prints

I said I would be providing something as bag stuffers for the craft show I'll be taking part in in November. The first hundred people get a shopping bag with samples and things from the show. I made a simple lino block print and printed a hundred little cards. On the back I printed (just on the computer) a simple "Sketchbook - journals - art books - calligraphy - prints" so that people actually know what it is I do, and a 10% discount. A few are 20% off, so lets hope they need some Christmas gifts.

I don't really have a drying rack, so they just went all over the floor and sofa and whatnot. I was watching Hoarders at the time, so this was sort of a weird making a such a mess! I cleaned it up first thing this morning!


  1. But that's what the floor is there for, isn't it? Last year, before I had a studio of my very own, I used the floor for all my paper-cutting and many other bits & pieces too. That's when I wasn't taking over the dining-room table!

    The lino cut is cute! I've been making lino stamps over the summer. I was really pleased with a few of them. I tried a "LizzieMade" one, but didn't do very well. Now I've had more practice, I think I might try again. Thanks for the incentive lol!

    Hope the craft show goes very well, Jennifer. x

  2. I don't have much practice and was very pleased with how it turned out, you should try it again!

  3. Very nice card! I hope you get some returns on the offer. Sales seem a bit lower so far this year, hoping it is just the lull before.

    I stopped by a famous craft store the other day and was struck by the common "slinky" lined up by the cash register for impulse buyers. I impulsed and then took it home and used two small zip ties to hold the ends together. Suddenly I had the neatest little donut shaped drying rack. I holds small things up to not card size perfectly and uses only a foot or so of space.

    Hope this helps, I can't dry on the floor, it is covered with projects awaiting completion!