Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Quick Update

I'm afraid I don't have any photos for you, but I thought, now that I have access to the internet, I should give a quick update of what I've been doing. I'm currently going into week seven of a fifteen week Basic Military Officer Training course with the Canadian Forces, and so far have been having a terrific time. I'm confined to base this weekend, unfortunately, but last week we got out to Montreal and I had an absolutely amazing time. I hope everyone gets to visit at least one in their life. I spent so much money in the little boutiques and ate nothing but pastries, hot chocolate (and by this I mean basically liquid chocolate, not the powered watery junk), and poutine. I've never been so thankful the constant workouts they make us do! I spent an incredible amount of money in the little stores on Saint-Denis and wandered all over downtown. Next week is my brithday and I'm hoping I'll get to go back and visit the art galleries and sleep in a real bed again. Nothing against the horrible ones here, but I've had quite enough of hospital corners and want a nice fluffy blanket to curl up in.

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