Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life Drawing Session - Lace

I find myself with a decent amount of time on my hands and a couple of drawing sessions a week easily available, but I have to admit, it really feels like one of those things you do because it's good for you, and not because you actually enjoy it. And this comes from a girl who runs to work with a 10lb backpack each morning. Generally, especially with the longer poses, I've pretty much lost interest by the hour and a half mark. But a little complicated clothing seems to help. With this one I concentrated on the bra, especially the strap, because getting it to curve just enough to suggest form underneath, without too much exaggeration, was really difficult. Ahhh subtlety. Once again, something I do because it makes me a better artist, and not out of the love for the process. Still, it turned out well eventually.

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