Friday, September 2, 2011

Life Drawing Session - Shades of Grey

I wanted to play around with lights and shadows, so I grabbed a photo (so, no, not actually a life session, but I'm keeping the blog titles similar for orginization sake) and tried drawing it with just black, instead of shading everything in. I always love the way sections can be entirely missing, like the edges of the leg and arms, and yet the brain fills in what's missing. I was paying more attention to the shadows than the drawing, so the details are a little off, but  I like the way it turned out anyway.

I took this sketch and made a small watercolour from it, done in washes of grey-ish navy and brown watercolour, and black ink.


  1. is it me? i can see her moving... i think its you. very good work!

  2. Great work! Really love that watercolor!!

  3. Sometimes it it me, but this one's just a photo. :) Thanks!