Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tep's Wedding Portrait - Form

I got right to work on my sister's present (and by right to work, I mean I spent a couple hours picking what tea I should have, rearranging my pastels, and creeping Facebook). The first stage was to put in highlights and shadows, trying to pay more attention to what needed to come toward the viewer (yellow) and what needed to recede (blue). I'm not always god at distinguishing between that, and what's simply lighter or darker. Oh well, it's still a good start:

After that I put in the lights and darks. I used an off-white and purple, because I don't want to desaturate the image too much, which is easy to do when they both have very pale skin and aren't wearing any colour:


  1. It's so interesting to see how you approach this. Totally different to how I might do it, but I bet your end result is so much better than mine, because of your thoroughness!
    It looks great already!

  2. i like it a lot! and the picture and the drawing... original : )

  3. Thanks! It's really just an experiment, we'll see how it all turns out.