Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Career Change? or The Art of Everyday Life

Once upon a time I wondered what I should do with my art degree, and one of the things I looked into (or googled, at any rate), was interior design. It would have required a whole lot more school, so I left that idea behind, but I really do love putting my home together. Here are a few shots of my new, obviously owned by an artist, condo.

Although the bedroom is separate from the rest of the place, it's nevertheless still technically a
 bachelor, and therefore severely lacking in storage. It doesn't have a closet, so I made this shelving unit to show off the clothes I wish I got to wear more often. After all, they're lovely, and this way I make them into an art display.

This table was custom made in Indonesia from an old temple door. It seats six easily, and eight fairly comfortably.  As I love having people over, and figure on usually owning a small space I wanted multi-purpose extensions for it. The end tables in the previous, bedroom, photo are those extensions. They're the same height and width as the table, and can fit a person on either end (albeit a fairly slim one), meaning I can feed twelve people should I take it into my head to do so, but at all other times have two separate and functional pieces of furniture.

 I have a token brick wall, because I am apparently a yuppie. I love my postcard/random art collection. They're just clothpinned to ribbon, so I can change up that display whenever I want. I love that painting but I'm starting to feel I should try to store it somewhere, despite it's size, because there's already quite a bit going on.

The lack of storage led to these shelves,  which are actually old door frames (the top bit), from a local place that specializes in stuff from, and to restore old homes. I was planning on using them as a base for a shelf, but they're actually wide enough to display things as is.

That red man is actually a knife block. I traded a drawing for it. That little ledge/laptop/stool area is my studio.

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