Sunday, September 11, 2011

Found Art

This isn't exactly something I made, but it is something I painted, so here's a quick photo of m new bathroom mirror. I've had this old mirror lying around for about six years now, and for some reason it made it in the move to Winnipeg. I had a hideous big, frameless mirror in my little bathroom, which was totally inappropriate for the size and shape of the room, so I tore it off. I also changed the cheap ugly light fixture. I painted the frame of the old mirror, which used to be a terrible fake gold colour, and hung it instead. A little creativity for my new condo:


  1. It's smallish, but so cute and clean-looking. I see the handy laundry corner in the reflection too! The light fitting is lovely - quite different for a bathroom.
    I re-painted an old blue mirror frame, with slightly pearlised deep red paint - it looks fab in our sitting room!

  2. Great minds think a like, I guess! The mini laundry machine might just be my favourite bit about my new place (sigh, I'm old).