Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love What You Do

While I'm waiting for training I work at the Multi-media lab on base, doing graphics and such for the training courses and videos we produce. Occasionally I'm also an actress or voice for our productions, as we often need people and we're the easiest ones to call on. The lab has five full-time staff, and three part-time students there on a government program to get work experience. It's easily the best job I've ever had, and I think I can probably claim to have more fun at work than the average person on a day off.

We're currently working on a video about logical arguments, and this little clip is going to be a small section of the larger 'before' section:

We're not actually going to leave that blood-splatter on there, one of the students sped the car up more and added that just for fun. Typical day at work.

I'm also working on a big project that's entirely in the form of a motion comic. It's turning out fantastically well (I'm saying that about all the backgrounds I'm doing for it anyway), and if I can I'll share it, or at least a portion, after the animation is done.


  1. Um that looks very real and rather shocking actually Jennifer. Obviously it was a camera trick but it wasn't what I was expecting....

    Glad you enjoy your job though. It's soul destroying to have a job you hate.

  2. The final version isn't nearly so violent, this was just a special case. And I agree, a bad job makes life miserable.