Saturday, December 24, 2011

Armillary Sphere - First Two Colours

First of all, apologies for the crappy photo. I really am going to buy a nice scanner one of these days. I started doing the colours for the armillary sphere print, was was surprisingly easy. Yay! I got an easy carve lino block, and it has proved much less frustrating, and less painful, on my wrists. I could even still see all the pencil marks once I'd washed off the first layer of ink, which made my life considerably easier when it came to carving in the second colour. Here they are:


  1. It's fabulous, looking at how you have used the photo to produce your plate and build up the image of this sphere.
    I soooo want to try lino reduction prints!
    This is looking good...

  2. It's easier than you think it is, at least for a strong graphic image like this, I would recommend it!