Friday, December 23, 2011

Armillary Sphere - Idea

 Reduction linos - right. That things I tried doing a couple times a few month ago and haven't touched since? Well, I'm on Christmas vacation now and pulling out a bunch of stuff I haven't had time for and generally puttering about my condo doing whatever occurs to. Peppermint martini this afternoon? Hells yes. Anyway... I was looking through the photos I worked on last summer for a new print. I had taken a few and separated the colours so they would be easy to carve. I choose this photo because it had the least amount of layers, and therefore, would be the easier not to screw up. This is what it looked like though:

Which is really pretty boring. So I played around with the colours, and finally decided on changing the middle brown to a nice blue:

and deleting some of the detail at the bottom. Very nice! I didn't even change the dark brown, but I like how it seems to look a little purple against the blue and yellow. Should be a much more interesting print this way.

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  1. Okay, so I've worked my way backward, from 5th January, to this post, which is where you started your lino-reduction printing...

    I do love the idea of using photos and separating out the colours, to help with your design. Very clever and not something I have managed to think up on my own!
    This armillary sphere is such a good subject - it's so graphical, but also really interesting and attractive. Great shapes and spaces to work with! And, of course, only 4 colours!