Saturday, December 31, 2011

Books Reduction Lino Print - Oranges

The first colours of this print are all the highlights for the final product, so they are looking very very neon right now! The first is an orange that will (should, anyway) add the nice gold tones of the books:

Then comes a red-orange for a few more highlights. This colour did not print very well at all. I ended up printing it twice. There's probably a big rule against doing that somewhere, but it just wouldn't work the way it was! As it turns out, the registration was perfect and I had no problems printing this colour a second time. So, go me! I'm not only quite pleased about that, but it makes me pretty hopeful that the rest of a colours will continue to print where they should. So far, I'm four colours in and still haven't ruined a single print with bad registration. This is sort of unusual for me. If this keeps up I'll be able to be extra-picky about which prints I keep in the end, and that makes me very happy.

I'm going to give one of these away when I'm finished, leave a comment in any (or all) of the related posts. Each one gets an entry.


  1. I'm rather fascinated... I am so enjoying this series of posts (even though I started at the end and am working back to the beginning!).

    I wouldn't have started with the light colors and then added deeper ones. I would have done it the other way... and then wondered why it didn't work out. So, I'm grateful for seeing how you have done this process. Hopefully I can learn a bit from you and not make a big mess when I try for myself!
    It looks like the Printer's Mantra should be "Registration, Registration, Registration!"

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