Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Guestbook for Dawn

I'm about to set off on three weeks vacation in BC in order to be Matron-of-Honour at both my best friend's and sister's weddings. This guestbook is for the first wedding. Her colours are red and black, and I found a terrific paper, sort of like a thick mulberry paper that's red on one side and black on the other. The black sort of shows through and it looks terrific. The black stripe is made of silk and I like the contrasting textures. I used a coptic stitch on it, but unfortunately because I was recycling a sketchbook the original holes were a little off and it shows a lot more than I though it would. Still, it'll look great and has lots of room for signatures, and that's what we need.


  1. It really is a beautiful book! I love the strip of silk.

  2. That's so amazing - the mulberry paper is fabulous and the contrasting silk strip and ribbon are great. Your friend will be so happy with this! (I bet that others will not notice the sketchbook holes much - if at all; it's probably much more noticeable to you, because you know they are there!). I bet this looks even better in "real life" than in a photo.

    Have a great vacation and enjoy the weddings!