Monday, May 23, 2011

A Guestbook for Tep

The second wedding I'm going to is my sister's, and her colour is navy. She sent me a photo of what she liked and I sort of did something similar. I found a really nice heavy white silk (in lieu of the silver she wanted and was unavailable) for the cover, and then used some ribbon as contrast. Apologies for the photos! I need to get something set up here so I can take some good ones.

The original book had beads along the ribbon so I sewed a few along the wider one, nice little ones that really catch the light, even if the photo doesn't show it.

I'm a little low on paper right now, so I had to do a bit of improvising for the endpages. I only had enough blue paper for one side of the ends instead of both, so I used it on one side only and then added a sheet of transparent white mulberry paper with little bits of gold in it. Very bridal!


  1. That's a most snazzy and jazzy book! I love it and I'm sure your sister will too.
    As for photos - I set up my books on a white background, near a window (but not in direct sunlight). Then I use a sheet of stiff white paper or white board as a reflector, to fill in shadows cast on the opposite side to the window. It reflects enough light back onto the book, to get a much clearer image, with better colours.
    I then use Photoshop Elements to tweak the pictures. The Autofix option is often very good, but I regularly need to use the "Color/Remove Color Cast" edit to get the picture back to more natural colours, as the light here can be very blue. The advantage of the white background is that the Color Cast editor is set to detect white, black or "photographer's" grey, which makes it easier to get true colours - sometimes you need to reset and click again on a different white area of the background, but it is good. Then I tweak the lighting/contrast if I need to and then crop to size. It works for me and my photos have improved a lot since I got a system going with PSE. There's a piece of software called "Gimp", which you can download free and operates very much like Photoshop, just in case you don't have it and can't buy a copy just now. Worth a try!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm going to see what I can rig up when I get back.