Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Montréal Street - Part 2

Here are the next three layers of my Montréal print. This layer (layer 3) actually starts to bring this whole thing to life. It was hard imagining where this was going, so it was good to see some recognizable detail.

Contrast at last! I taped off a few sections so they wouldn't print and I wouldn't have to go over any more than necessary with the following colours.

Sorry about this one, I didn't realize the photo was blurry until I'd printed the next colour and it was too late to take another picture. It's was about this stage that I realized I should have kept some more of the lino on the sides. The left area of the print could really use a bit of depth. But I'll work with what I've got! I'm just too used to painting and being able to go back and forth and change things as I go - trying to see six steps in the future is a whole different way of thinking. Normally I would have figured all the stages out in Photoshop, but I'm posted in Winnipeg, home is far away, and my computer is inaccessible. So I just went ahead and tried to do it the old-fashioned way.

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