Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Montréal Street - Part 3

Here's the final product. I wish there was a little more of the dark blue on the left hand side, but over all I think what's there really makes the image cohesive and gives it the neccessary depth. I'm also pleased because I think if I keep working on these I may have some less expensive pieces to sell. I started with 12 prints, and 7 ended up looking good enough for me to admit to them. If I divide up my time and the cost for materials I can sell them for about $45 (matted) and still feel I've come out ahead.

In no particular order here's what I've learned about print making after my first-ever attempt.

1. The correct amount of ink to put on the block is a skill that will take a huge amount of practise to master.

2. The registration will make or break the final product. The more anal I am about it, the better.

3. A little planning goes a long way.

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