Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beautiful Cousins - Block Colour

I'm attempting this drawing in much the same way I would do an oil painting (since it's referred to as 'pastel painting' it seems like as good an idea as any for only a second attempt at pastel portraits), and after the warms and cools I start blocking in colours. At this stage I can stat seeing where everything is going to develop, theoretically. The faces are really going to need some correction, though, because they've gotten kind of off by now. The impreciseness of pastels is something I'm just not quite getting a hold of. Sometimes I can make it work, and sometimes it just confuses me. Which only means I need more practise, of course. Here's hoping I can pull it off on this one.


  1. The softness of pastels can be lovely for portraits, but it is hard to produce a crisp, clean line etc. The facial detail may be easier if you leave it to the last thing, then use the broken edge of your pastels for the lines. Or try pastel pencils - like the ones made by Conte. They can be sharpened to produce more firm lines. Might help?

  2. I have some pastel pencils, and they've been pretty great. I'm going to figure something out!