Monday, July 25, 2011

Beautiful Cousins - Details

With most of the colours set I can now go in and add detail on top of the larger areas, in order to bring out the image. I think both their hair worked really well, and the clothing is turning out nicely. I'm still not happy with the drafting of their faces or their skin tone. Also, the flowers are now incredibly bright compared to the rest of the piece, so that will have to change. I think the background is a little distracting, and the colours are incongruous with the people. In other words, I'm not very happy with this picture at the moment. But I'm not done yet. We'll just say it's progressing, so check back for the next incarnation, and we'll see if I manage to pull this off. If I do I can say that this stage was all part of the plan.


  1. It's always tricky, trying a new medium or technique. I've been experimenting this evening - not with pastels, but with glitter/heat-embossing powders, to edge a book-label for a photograph album. Tricky to get it "just right" - still some trial and error to go, I think.
    The pastel seems to be coming along though. Do you fix the painting, in between "layers", to help keep it crisp etc? Or do you not like the fixative, as a layer to work on top of? I'm looking out for the next stage!

  2. I do use fixative, though not heavily, only enough so that I can work on top without completely destroying what came before. I find it much easier to layer that way, otherwise it seems to become a real mess (but that might just be me).

    Good luck with the book, I'm looking forward to seeing your final results!