Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suddenly Popular

I have to say that I find it pretty encouraging that within days of reopening my Etsy shop my Words and Letters book has been featured in two treasuries! Both features lovely black and white, typographic themed works. Take a quick peek, and add a comment!

Summer Reading:

Written Down in Black and White:


  1. Your book deserves to be in Treasuries! You produce some really fantastic pieces of artwork, Jennifer!
    I haven't been "around" much in Blogland recently, as I'm amaaazingly busy, but I did notice you were working on another fab. book (Jabberwokky) and I'll have a re-cap some time after the weekend (I'm teaching a bookbinding course!!).
    Love the Words and Letters book. Will go and see the Treasuries before I log off.

  2. its an amazing idea! good for you : )

  3. Thanks so much! Lizzie, I hope you enjoy Jabberwocky, I'm quite proud of it.