Thursday, July 7, 2011

Row on Row - Reduction Lino Print 1

This was one of the photos I took a couple months back in a flooded cemetery.  (Take a look at the original post.) Since I've been thinking about working with more reduction lino prints after the first one, but with a simpler image, I pulled them out again as an option. I thought that because the shapes are fairly straightforward and there was no need for colour I could use this as a image to practise my technique with.

I started by separating the image into different colour layers in Photoshop, which gave me a good idea of what I'd have to carve. I'm getting better at thinking in terms of negative space, but it's still very foreign.  This is a good image for me to learn because I'm only going to need three layers. I also flipped it , so that it comes out correctly once it's printed:

With the first layer printed so far it looks like this. I didn't need to ink the entire way, since that will be covered by the other colours, which is why it just sort of trails off:


  1. I am also hoping to try colour-reduction lino-cuts, but I don't have a press, so it will need to be very small-scale stuff! Still, it would be good to manage something, however small. I love your idea of using photoshop, to separate out colour layers - so clever!
    I will watch out to see what the finished result is like!!

  2. I don't have a press either. I'm using the corner of my desk to keep everything straight. It's working surprisingly well so far. Looking forward seeing what you come up with!