Saturday, April 17, 2010


While I was in Winnipeg last weekend I went to a really cool little place called ArtsJunktion. They started out as a way for teachers to get art supplies, taking donations of things like old tiles from construction sites, old wallpaper sample books from paint stores, bits of fabric, buttons, etc. Basically, anything people were going to throw out but creative types can use for art.

It's expanded and anyone can go. They even offer classes, exhibitions, auctions, and are looking into getting an artist-in-residence. It's free, just walk in a load up on anything you think will come in useful. All you have to do is right down approximately how many cubic feet you saved from the landfill, using that red basket as a guide.

I got a big roll of newsprint, some fabric, an old Canadopoly board game and page from a Canadian stamp collecting book. I'm going to use those last two to make a postcard book or journal to be used when I travel.

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  1. ArtsJunktion is awesome! I have found handmade paper, reusable bookboard, fabric, yarn and much more there! You never know what you will find each time you go.