Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to Work

My wonderful weekend over I had to come back home and get back to my real life. To give you a quick picture of life in Saskatchewan, here's another video. This is the first scene of one of my favourite shows, Corner Gas, set in a little town in Sask.

I'm sure you get the idea.

I've been busy the last few days, but not with much that's at all creative, and mostly just starting a couple things, including a fancy guestbook I'll have some photos of up in a couple. But for now I'll show you what I brought with me to Winnipeg. It was my mom's birthday gift, and the first time I'd embroidered (other than the leather book cover, which was very different) in years.

She loves blue delft and has a new townhouse to furnish, so this will go nicely, I hope! It's all silk: noil for the front, dupioni on the back, and two tones of silk embroidery thread so that it sort of looks likes it's shimmering. I even attempted to clean up the inside edges. I know you're wondering, so here's the back:

Nice and neat, eh?


  1. Well, now I know how to Pronounce "Saaaas-ket-wan" anyway! It does look "flat", but I'm sure there really is plenty to see and do, tucked away behind all those mountains - lol!

    The cushion cover is very pretty. I'd be thrilled to bits if someone made me one like this for my new home! I'm sure your mum will treasure it.

  2. No, really - that just about covers the entire province. But we do have a lovely big park in the middle of the city and it's finally nice enough for picnics!