Friday, April 30, 2010

New Toy!

Finally my new ruling pen arrived! I'm very excited. I ordered it for a project coming up after Tell-Tale Heart is done. (yes, it's far from being done, and I have a couple of books to make before hand as well, but I can't keep myself from dreaming up all kinds of new things to do). I've only used this once, at a calligraphy evening a couple years ago and couldn't find on in Regina so when I finally remembered what it was called I order one from ebay. There will be much practice on some old books I have lying around because I quite like when things are made on top of old pages. I may make some book projects out of the good ones.

Ruling pens are nifty little instruments that can be adjusted with that little knob on the side to make finer or broader lined, and, if I can manage to figure out how, will make one side (the one nearest the tip) of the letter nice and smooth while the other side (the open side) ragged and splattery. It can be used with ink and watercolour, of course, and also works great with masking fluid. I think it should also be great for my gilding size, whenever my gold leaf arrives. So many possibilities!

Stay tunes for results!

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  1. Ruling pens are very cool! Have you ever tried one of this style, made for calligraphy instead of the drafting style you have? You can do an amazing variety of thick and thin strokes with these.