Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goin' to Winnipeg

A few years back Fountain Tire came out with a terrific commercial in which the annoying Fountain Tire guy is on a plane in a loud tropical shirt, talking excitedly to the two business men in sweaters next to him about vacationing in Hawaii. They look at him strangely and inform him this plane is destined for Winnipeg. He kind of nods, looks resigned and says "Goin' to Winnipeg." Which is what I'm doing this weekend. I packed up a few crafty things; namely, the bit of leather that is destined to cover The Tell-Tell Heart because I can embroider in the car. Not that I got very far despite the six hours of completely flat prairie (If you ever travel across Canada drive the Yellowhead through Alberta to Manitoba, it's much prettier). I blame Stephen Fry's Harry Potter audio books for that.

I forgot to take a photo before I left, of course. So, consequently, I wasn't going to post anything. However, I just made a big sale and I'm pretty excited. Four books! And some of my favourites. I'm going to miss the postcard book, it looks so nice with all of mine on display. Good thing I have an idea for another one. This is definitely the best sale I've made to date, and not having sold a painting in some time it's pretty exciting. Oh, I lie, the Caryn's Kite painting is getting sold - to Caryn no less! Beauty! And on that note, here's a bit of Winnipeg for you from local band The Weakerthans. One Great City! is the name of the song, taken from the signs welcoming you to the city.


  1. Congratulations on the sales! It's exciting to make a sale, especially after a bit of a flat period... four things at once is great!
    Better luck with the embroidery on the way home then! Have a good time in Winnipeg (I always wanted to go there, since we learned about Canada in school. The name "Winnipeg" sounds so inviting...)

  2. Wow! You must have had an excellent teacher to make even Winnipeg sound good. Mind you, it's been fun so far! I hope there'll be some good photos to come.

  3. I can't think of a nicer place to visit, and it's a wonderful place to live! Congratulations on your sales! I'm sure your customer will love them too, knowing how hard they were to part with for you.

  4. The tell-tale heart looks terrific!
    I started working on your interview, and dropped by to have a look at the blog - oh wow! I love how you give away so much about the process.
    We should put some emphasis on your blog, and make people visit you here - I'll get back to you via email!