Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - Devil in the details

Here we go with another page. I traced the layout in green and it was much much easier to see the words through the paper. I copied the page following this one as well, before I had gone over the writing to thicken parts up and added the red and whatnot, because there was much less ink in the way. (Take a look at this photo of a page at that point.) So much quicker this way! This should make the upcoming pages much easier to copy, especially since some of the end pages are very complicated.

Here's a close-up from the top right corner. I've done this sort of thing all over the place - using one large letter to begin two words. In a few place I've used the same word to begin different phrases as well. I like to do this if I can especially when the phrases are repetitive. I think it works with the strange placement of the words and the whole feeling that the author is crazy.

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  1. The script you have developed is great - really just right for this project. I like the dark red ink fill-ins on some of the large letters and those little watch gears that you have cut out and embellished.
    It's really coming along well...