Monday, April 5, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - background

I've finally completed the background for the book. It took longer than expected, of course, but I did have to go to work in between so I suppose I won't let that bother me. I like it, I think it'll be really neat with the words on there, and shouldn't take too much tweeking, adding bits around th the big opening initials and whatnot to get it perfect.

First came the scribbles in sepia ink, supposed to look like the narrator's journal or something of the sort. I wrote out bits of the story and lots of 'once upon a time's actually, since it's illegible. There are little pictures of gears and stairs (from those M.C. Escher prints I've been looking at, see the post about the inspirations for the project) as well. I did the background for both pages of each layout together so that they would match in when it's bound together.

Next came some washes in navy blue and more sepia ink. This really reminds me of the 'Journal of Impossible Things' from Doctor Who, which was an awesome prop, but that could be just because I was watching the new one at the time. I am such a geek.

Close-up of the final product. The ink and paint did cause a little bit of warping around the delicate cuts, but I wanted it after the cuts regardless, because then the background would look correct in relation to the cuts and the edges wouldn't be bright white when the page wasn't.

The last step was to put 'bloody' fingerprints over it in my favourite fantastic scarlet red ink.


  1. This is an amazing project! I am enjoying watching as you share each step. Is it a commission, or a personal project?

  2. Wow again! I agree that it is wonderful to watch you creating this, stage by stage. It is indeed an amazing project. I love to look out for your next post, to see what you have done next.

  3. Thank youm I'm glad you're enjoying this! It is a personal project, just thought I'd try something new.