Monday, March 29, 2010

A Cover for John

My gospel of John needs a new cover. Or rather, a different way of binding the cover. When I did the project I really didn't have much experience doing any binding, and really wanted it to look 'open' and 'rough,' but this is going a bit far and just looks sloppy and unfinished. Plus the Spanish cedar I used for the covers is extremely porous, and as you can see the glue is not sticking to it. I smells pretty amazing though. The red lines were supposed to echo the ones used in the illustrations.

So, this is my plea for ideas. The wood has to stay. It has four sets of 3 holes in it about an inch from the edge. I'm not sure if anything will stick to it, but let me know if you know of anything that will work. I'm not married to the idea of an open binding. At very least I'm going to do something the cover the back of the signatures. It doesn't have any end pages at the moment.


  1. I think Blogger has a problem with pictures today - I have had lots of trouble seeing them on most blogs.

    I like those board covers.

    The old scribes/monks used board covers for their manuscrips. I think they were bound with a coptic style stitch. You could add a leather quarter-binding over this. Or maybe a slightly less ancient leather binding, with raised cords under the leather?

    This wonderful project certainly deserves a fabulous binding too!

  2. I tired uploading them again. Does it make any difference? I can see them on my computer, so I'm not sure what the problem is.