Tuesday, March 9, 2010

John, con't (5)

Well, today started out with me falling asleep with my coffee. This wouldn't be terrible except that my husband brought it to me in bed... and therefore I made a giant mess. I suppose it did wake me up. At least I'd put french toast casserole in the over yesterday, all in hopes of it saving enough time that I could post some more of John.

But, as promised, here are the larger photos of the above layout, just click on them to open up the full size.

So here is the transition to the Book of Glory. It's probably the largest illustration so far, and also a different style. This part is about bit about time and things falling into place, so the pictures are of gears and an hourglass. I didn't even known what steampunk was at the time, but here it is! There's also feet washing, hence the water.

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