Thursday, March 18, 2010

John, con't (11)

Now we're at the good stuff. It should be obvious what part we're at now. INRI stands for the Latin of 'Jesus Christ, King of the Jews.' It's in gold leaf. Gold leaf sticks to itself, so when the book is closed these pages do get a little stuck, and look a bit worn, but I like it.

The thorns are based on a Dürer drawing. The blue/purple parts (chosen because of it's association as a royal colour) is actually scrap bits of the mulberry paper used at the very beginning of the book. I mixed it with watered down glue and stuck it on. The dye bled a little and I used it to 'paint.' It has great texture and really rich colour.


  1. Jennifer, this is getting more and more stunning. What a masterpiece!

  2. I so agree! It is wonderful! You must have felt so proud of yourself when you had finished this. I so hope you got a really high mark for this project!