Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John, con't (14)

So here we are. The end of John at last. This page is the confrontation of Doubting Thomas, with his response in nice big letters because it was a fitting ending. The drawings and colours are continued from the previous page.

John has an 'Appendix,' chapter 21, that was likely added after the rest of the book. It closes very nicely and I didn't really want to have this directly afterward because it doesn't quite fit, and would mess up the nice ending. So I did what the book does, and just added it on after. This is the very last page layout. It goes back to the plain font and columns from the very beginning of the book, and I didn't add an illustration at all because I didn't want it to take away at all from the ending of the proper ending of the previous page.


  1. It's a wonderful point for the story to end. Good that you did include the appendix chapter too though. I like the way you did that.

    This was an amazing thing to follow with you. How did your college examiners mark you for such a fabulous piece of work - I really hope they agreed with me that it IS Fabulous?

    Such an achievement. A modern-day Illuminated Manuscript. I wonder if, in hundreds of years' time, someone will look at this and wonder about the Scribe who created it?

  2. I got marked very well. It was part of my Senior Studio, which meant I got to pick my prof and topic, and then we were graded based on the projects we set for ourselves. This wasn't the only thing I did that semester - there are several paintings and drawings as well. I got marked very well. But then, many of my fellow students put very little work into their projects, and I should know because at minimum I was in my studio about 5 hours a day.