Monday, March 8, 2010

John, con't (4)

Here's some more little illustrations. I did quite a bit with light, water, and plants/living type things. Supposed to be very organic looking. Much of it looks similar except for the colour because it makes it more coherent. I don't really like the 'light rays' going on in the background, now I think they look a little like lightning bolts and surely I could have come up with something better than that? It's the symbol that says 'this bit's about a miracle.'

I do like these wheat things on the side here, though.

And here I've got an opening letter with the outline in gold leaf and illustration inside it. I didn't do much of that because I just didn't want it to look too much like a traditional manuscript. Also, to make them very big I would have had to know exactly where they were going to be in the page before I started, and I mostly just went along until I got to one.

You might be noticing the different column layouts. I had a three column layout and a two column layout that went underneath the actual page (in different colours so I wouldn't get mixed up) and just sort of varied them so it wouldn't get too boring. The page on the left I combined the second and third.

So here's one of those red lines I've been mentioning. It will be very important at the crucifixion, but it's here because this part of the story predicts it.

Here's another part I'm not overly fond of. Also, I can't spell the word 'shepherd' even when I'm copying it three times over. Disaster.

In addition to the 'I am God' statements there are also 'I am (metaphor of some kind)' statements. They all got illustrations. Mostly because they're important bits of the story, but also because concrete images are easy for draw! This one's 'I am the gate.'

More red lines! Also I dropped some ink on the page and made it part of the decoration. That was actually fine because that will soon become a major part of the background so this is a nice bit of foreshadowing.

See! More and more of the black stuff. Also, we're almost at the transition from Book of Signs to Book of Glory, where the art will really start integrating with the text, so this is a little start.


  1. This is really fabulous. I am filled with admiration! So well thought out, so well researched.
    More please!!