Friday, March 19, 2010

JunoFest 2009

These were based on a photo a good friend of mine took at JunoFest in Vancouver last year and I finally put them up on Etsy. I loved that it has the guitars and drums signs at the very front, and both the Vogue and Orpheum theatres. Completely appropriate for a music fest!

It was originally one large picture but I didn't really like how that looked, and so eventually I decided to chop it apart and frame these parts separately. This was done in ink first, and even though I used waterproof ink it bled a fair bit when I put the watercolour over it as a underpainting. So on that went the conte and pastels. The red frames set off the colours nicely. I redid it later as one piece as well, and it turned out very well that time around (last picture), but part of me still likes these ones better. Sometimes the accidents are the best parts!

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  1. Yes, I like the two separate pieces too. They go well as a pair, but make great individual paintings. It's interesting to see the whole thing in the bottom painting and fun to sort out where the other two images fit in!