Sunday, March 21, 2010

John, con't (13)

Time to get back to John. We had just finished with the crucifixion and death. This part is known in paintings as 'The Deposition,' and since I feel most familiar with that type of thing that's what I always call this page, even though there's not illustration. What it means is the removal of Jesus' body form the cross. That's followed quickly by The Entombment.

Closeup of the writing. It's supposed to look like cracks.

But let's get past that to the good stuff! The following layout is the resurrection. It's actually only two pages, but with a translucent page in between, which is why there are double the amount of photos. But it's not actually two separate layouts, just the different views of the page as it is moved. The page in between is made of frosted mylar, a really terrific substance that does look a bit like heavy baking parchment paper and feels a tad plasticky. It looks amazing with pencil crayon.

First view, when you turn to this page. The writing on the left is about the women going to the tomb to anoint the body. The font is back to the nice smooth text, and the lines are nice and straight again. The right page is the reverse side of the frosted mylar, so it's a little foggier, sort of unsaturated and has no texture. It covers the largest illustrated areas of the page under it. But it does give you a hint of what's to come.

Then flip the mylar and you get this! There's veins of gold leaf on the mylar with heavy saturated, celebratory colours in between. Now that it's on the front side you get the full impact. Photo's don't quite capture it, but it's pretty intense and has the most amazing feel. Seriously, if you ever see frosted mylar pick some up and scribble on it with pencil crayon.

On the right side now is the resurrection. There are dancers in there in gold leaf (from old sketches of my friends and roommate. I've done several of those and love putting them in), and surrounding them is that blue/purple 'royal' colour I used on the crucifixion page, in a pattern made by the gold leaf. It's supposed to look like stained glass windows. This layout has the most colour and gold leaf of the entire book.



  1. Oh I love this! The mylar is a really good idea and adds an extra dimension (in more ways than one). The dancers are lovely - reminds me of that song "Lord of the Dance"... The lovely blue pieces remind me most of flowers - appropriate for the garden. The colours are all very "celebratory". A wonderful, uplifting page.

  2. I've been following your John series, and it's pretty incredible. Great work, I hope you got awesome marks for this.
    I love the 'modern illuminated manuscript' feel of the piece.

  3. Thanks you. And I did get an A and graduated with Great Distinction.