Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Guitars & Drums, Take 2 (JunoFest 2009) by redpumpkinstudio

I made another treasury on etsy today (which I'm trying to post in a slightly more organized manner than the last one) featuring city views, music, and graffiti in some combination or other. I had a very clever name for it, too, but I'd forgotten it by the time I had to actually type it in. Oh well! It's called Cityscapes instead. I based it around my drawing here. of JunoFest 2009 I was originally putting together one around the Rhapsody in Blue painting I did and posted a couple of days ago, but I started to realize that just wasn't anywhere as cool as the ones I found, and started again hoping this one would stand up better.

But all of this got me thinking, because I found many awesome pieces of art I would now desperately like to own but can't afford. And what I'm thinking is there should be a way to trade on etsy. I've got a couple nice pieces of art from my student days I traded with my classmates for, and it's a great way for broke people to get stuff. Cash poor, art rich. So to speak. It could be kind of like a dating site, you know. If you both favourite something the site automatically links you up, and you swap the item. Anyone up?

Urban Flight by brianelston

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles by zuppaartista

No Parking 51 by eyeshoot

RecordCity by Zone4

City Skyline by therawart


  1. Would love to do trades, but sadly my efforts are not up to scratch!
    My books are quite nice though... and my sock dolls!

  2. So? Maybe we should do it anyway.