Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John, con't (10)

The art and story are still developing here. It's darker. The nice live vines are replaced with thorns and rope, though still some fruit on the bottom left. There are two gold leaf 'I AM' statements on this layout, so there is teensy Hebrew from Exodus (I'm sure you've all been paying careful attention to these post and know what I'm talking about, right? See the third post) intertwined with the thorns.

By the end of this page I've finished with any guide lines and the writing is very sharp and untidy.


This next set of pages begins to introduce a bit of colour. Well, coffee stains. Almost the entire background is covered except for inside the rope. Then there's plenty of ink layered on top and dripped over the finished product. The images are basically the same as the last page, only much larger, and take over the page entirely by the end. There's one gear on the bottom left from the beginning of this half of the book, just to kind of show that this is what all that was leading up to - the crucifixion is the next page (which is part of the reason the words end where they do, but also it looks nice to have empty paper and works very very with the overall feel). So this page really is foreshadow the next one with it's colour and images.


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  1. I just keep being more and more impressed with the work and thought that went into this. It is just breathtakingly fabulous.
    That is all!