Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Moleskine Cover

It's been a busy but pretty terrific last week or so, especially yesterday's Our Lady Peace: Clumsy Set concert (if you ever get the chance, go), and will be capped off by my husband's birthday today. I started out with waffles topped in gobs of cherry pie filling (he loves that stuff) and whipped cream, and ending in a pile of presents.

He loves Moleskine notebooks (traitor!) so I made him a cover for him based on a photo he loved. He wanted one with this type of closure that keeps the book secure and holds a pencil:

Turned out great! I can't believe how well this stays shut. With a few adjustments of the measurements and whatnot (I am NOT sewing the whole thing again. That took forever, hurt my hand, and just didn't turn out as precisely as I like) I think I will have a new product for my Etsy shop.

He loves maps, and I had just enough leftovers to cover this one. I accidentally put the back cover on upside down though. Too late! I'm not going to tell.

Nice and snug. I left the elastic on and usable, though I doubt there's much of a point with the outside closure. The only problem is the envelope in the notebook is covered, or at least held down, by the strap. I will have to find a way to include one in the next book. Possibly the front will have a strap but the back will have a large pocket the Moleskine cover slips underneath. hmmmm.


  1. J, this is beautiful! It suits him!


  2. This is really pretty. Almost makes a Moleskine respectable! Congratulations for being the Notebook Stories Moleskine Monday featured post!

  3. wow, I love this, what a brilliant idea! If I ever get tired of my x17 notebook I will definitely get one of these gems! Well done!