Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - the we've all been waiting for

Alright, so nobody has been looking forward to today bu me, but it is a momentous and special occasion, the most rare of all days: a day off after payday! Not to mention, the day after the Habs forced game 7, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Once the boring house chores are taken care of I will be indulging in all the yummiest paper, ink, and brushes. I'm even out of binding board! Stay tuned, there will be many new things up in the next week or so.

Until then, here's another page of The Tell-Tale Heart.


  1. The project continues unabated! More of those great Capital letters... I do like the lettering you have used for this project - it really suits the story and it's a great shape.

    I was shopping for supplies today. Found some lovely fabrics, to make into book covers. Also discovered that the framing department in the Art shop up the road sells offcuts for very reasonable prices - and that includes good bits of grey-board for almost no money! I'll be over there again soon, to stock up! Meanwhile I found some new needles, the fabric and some "Thimble-it" pads - sticky pads for your fingers, that stop them getting sore when you sew! The shop lady said they are good, so I really hope so. I had to give up after finishing one book and not start the next, because my fingers were raw red!! Made the holes tonight... sewing tomorrow, so we'll see!

    I'll be looking out for your next exciting installment of Tell-Tale Heart!

  2. Oh I hope you had a wonderful day shopping! Can't wait to see what you make with all your new goodies. The page is fabulous, of course. Amazing.