Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - now we're getting somewhere

I'm not sure if this admission makes me incredibly morbid, but I'm quite excited for the old man to die and we're just about there! I'm getting a little bored of this. This page, at least, does mark the end of this format, or at very least, the transition into a slightly different post-murder layout. Patience, I'm afraid, is just not one of my virtues and I'm beginning to despair that I will ever master the art of enjoying the moment. I want to see the finished product! And then I want to get on with the next project, and the one after that! My head is crammed full of ideas and I have to go to work and pay bills and all that other nonsense instead.

A little note on the text. I'm using American spelling because Poe was American, but it's really annoying me. It looks funny and that's all there is to it. Also, I only barely keep catching typos because it's one thing to say you're going to do it, and another to break years of habit.


  1. It is a big project, Jen; but as you are doing it, it's worth doing it "properly" - US spellings and all! I think you're doing an amazing job and it will look fabulous when it is finished.
    I can't tell you how to enjoy the moment, but it does seem sad to want to rush, just so you can see the end result. I hope you are enjoying the process of creating this, even if you are frustrated at times. I am really enjoying myself, following your regular updates and seeing how you're getting on!
    Thank you for sharing your creative process with us... I love it! Wish I could get rich, so I could buy the project when it is finally a Book!

  2. That is too funny about the spelling. Whenever I read Canadian/UK spelling, it always stops my reading and I go back. It looks funny to me, lol! (Sarah, curioussundries--can't wait to see the gothic corset journal.)

  3. Thank you for the lovely encouragement! And your book should be there very soon. :)

  4. It arrived... it is gorgeous, so beautiful and unique. Thank you!!!