Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marbled Paper is Awesome - Moleskine cover

I'm still working on some new/different items to bring to the Hotel Sask next week, so here is another Moleskine cover, this one fits a large notebook. I decided I really needed some items that were a little more masculine, and it's really kind of hard when most craft supplies (or at least the ones I manage to get a hold of) are geared towards women, and as I am one my designs tend to be a little more on the pretty side. I had my husband go through all the paper I had and pickings were sort of slim on the things he would like side of the equation... I guess that means a trip to Paper Umbrella is in order. But while this isn't overtly manly, at least it's more on the neutral side for some variety.

The covers are made with marbled papers from Rhonda, another member of BEST. Check out here blog and paper shop. The inside blue paper I really like, it just picks up the really subtle bits of the marbling.

I originally had more of the large brads holding inside leather straps on, but I underestimated how much room they took up and the notebook wouldn't fit inside, and they popped off as I tried to force it! No good! And by that point the book was done, I couldn't take the whole thing apart and hide something else under the cover paper. (I make these in a somewhat confusing overlapping of layers to keep the underside of the various parts hidden). SO... what to do? I made the new sewing part of the design by making it bright blue (good thing I had some thread that matched) and wrapping it a few times to give it a bit of impact.

I kind of like it and may do it again... only on purpose.

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  1. The marbled paper is, indeed, Awesome! I thought I recognised it and wondered if it was Rhonda's. She makes lovely paper.

    I like this notebook cover - I think some of the men I know (not that I know that many...) would like this. A certain boy - The-Boy-With-Many-Notebooks - would love it. I love what you did with the blue stitching for the straps.